Create your own API platform or API focused business with ease

Up and running within a week from only $500 per year.

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What you get for $500 per Year

Qualified startups, charities, non-profits, education & government 

and emergency response services are eligible for substantial discounts. Apply now!

To offer you the best possible experience from start to end, we like to talk to everyone that shows interest in the InstantAPI platform.

Yes, InstantAPI can also serve as an API gateway for your already built API.

Does it really cost from only $500 a year?

First and foremost you would save a lot of money from maintaining and managing your microservice. Second, with the API management tools that InstantAPI provides, you could monetise it, and if needed easily scale it as well. Not to mention the support you would be able to provide to your customers.

Our pricing REALLY starts at only $500 / year, and it comes with all the enterprise grade features that you need to get your API platform or API focused business up and running within a week. 


Are there reseller or referral programs available?

24 hr guaranteed response via email, chat and phone support.

Indeed there are. InstantAPI has both a reseller and a referral programs active. To learn more about our reseller program go here, and to learn more about our referral program go here.

We support most of the leading databases and database as a services on the market, and keep adding new ones all the time.

Is there an enterprise version of your platform available?

We pride ourselves on having one of the easiest, if not the easiest, version control features on the market. From creating new versions, to updating your existing ones, all can be done in just a few clicks.

Yes, in addition to our SMB plan, we also have an Enterprise plan that comes with dedicated hosting. It is focused on high volume, high security and dedicated hosting.

Why do you talk to users before giving access?

Do you host the API gateway and endpoint as well?

What support is included?

Yes, we also host the API gateway and the API endpoint.

I already have a microservice, why use you?

Are you a development company?

Do you work with my database?

No, we are a self service platform designed to make it easy to create, host, manage and support your own Enterprise Grade API  platform or API focused Business.

Do you work with my existing API?

Can I really have my API up and running within a week?

What about version control?

Yes, your API can be running in production within a week. Request access and let us show you in a 15 minute call.

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